Commercial Electrical Services

Today’s businesses demand a well-functioning electrical system and the reason is clear. Without electricity you have no lights or power to run your computers. Let’s face fact, in this day and age of the internet it’s all about staying connected. The loss of electricity can have a detrimental effect with lost revenue and productivity for the business.

Whether your business is experiencing power fluctuations, blinking lights or you suspect that your current electrical system is outdated and needs replacing Bertrand Electric has the experience and know how to troubleshoot any commercial electrical issue.

Our Commercial Electrical Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical Troubleshooting (lights, wall sockets, lighting fixtures, emergency lighting, parking lot lighting, circuit breakers, fuse panels)
  • Bucket truck services (40’ reach)
  • Ballast Replacements
  • Commercial Lighting (LED lighting, Fluorescent Lighting, Down Lighting)
  • Teleconference wiring
  • Office buildouts (new construction or renovation projects)
  • Commercial buildouts (new construction or renovation projects)
  • Generator system installation or rental
  • Maintenance services for freshwater pump stations

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