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“Whatever the size or scope of your residential remodeling electrical or repair service project we have your electrical needs covered. “

We also offer electrical repair services too. Do you have a ceiling fan that is wobbling or a light switch that only works intermittently? Have a breaker that is overloaded and needs replacing? We can help.

We often find that homeowners have questions about some of the terminology used in the electrical profession. Here are a few of those terms with explanations of what they are and why repairs are often required.

Electrical Repair Information Corner

Dedicated Circuits are required for most major appliances including air conditioning, furnace, heat pumps and water heaters. This is to protect your appliances, your home and your safety. It also prevents circuit overload and breaker tripping. Also for consider, when planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel or just updating electrical outlets for compliance when selling a home, many county codes now require GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) for electrical safety purposes in rooms subject to moisture.

Electrical Service Upgrades are recommended in situations where you have frequent circuit breaker overloads and older homes with a fuse panel. Consider the demand for electrical power to run today’s kitchen appliances, televisions, computers and other technical gadgets. Older homes just are equipped to handle the demand. And for those electronic aficionado with computers, audio and video gear and other electronic appliances we recommend whole house surge protection to protect against high-energy transient voltage surges that can damage sensitive electronics.

Electrical Sub-panels are often added in situation when your home’s main electrical panel isn’t sufficient or large enough to handle additional breakers. A prime example would be adding an addition to your home. Consequently, the addition of an electrical sub-panel would be necessary, but understand that it does not provide additional power to your home. If you need extra power you will need the services of a professional electrician to install up-to-date cables and a meter.

Circuit Breaker Replacement is necessary when a circuit breaker wears out. Locating the defective breaker should be relatively easy. Look for the breaker(s) that are now in the off position in your electrical panel box. Before replacing a circuit breaker, unplug anything that is connected to that circuit. Working with electricity is dangerous and we highly recommend that you contact a professional.

Ceiling fans provide excellent air circulation in rooms where they are installed and working properly. With less demand on your homes heating and cooling system you can to turn up the thermostat in the summer and lower it in the winter. With proper air circulation in your home you will experience better energy efficiency with lower your energy bills.

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